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Plushie Guardians NFT is set to bring Web3 Game with a Revolutionary Economy

Plushie Guardians is an all-encompassing universe with multiple web3 and web2 products.

New Providence, Bahamas The, 10th May 2023 – Plushie Guardians is an exciting universe filled with thematic content for multiple web3 and web2 products. The company has recently announced the sale of exclusive NFTs for its first game, bringing a revolutionary innovation to the GameFi model on the Polygon network. The project aims to enhance web3 gaming by tackling chronic problems such as lack of content, shallow gameplay, and high dependency on new participants, providing a sustainable long-term economic experience.

Project highlights:

The game has already been tested by its community and will be fully available after the NFT sale, featuring an expandable universe with unique characters and stories. Economic health is made possible by limiting the NFT supply with GameFi access while heavily investing in IP growth, with physical and virtual products already in development.


At the game’s core, players fight in turn-based battles against other players or the AI, using Plushie and Equipment NFTs to acquire materials used in Ascension and Crafting activities. The resources and activities interdependence promotes the development of productive chains, as players have limited daily actions.

NFT sale and exclusive benefits:

The NFT sale features 10,000 Plushie OG that grants access to the web3 game while acting as a “Factory NFT”: they are the only ones ever to be able to create new Plushie Guardians. Additionally, Plushies OG feature exclusive artwork and even a human-handcrafted backstory.  These unique and valuable NFTs represent an amazing opportunity for fans and project investors. Project Minting Date: May 18th, 2023


The GameFi sustainability is achieved by limiting the number of participants seeking financial gains and ensuring external revenue sources through products and services marketed to a different end-consumer web2 audience.

With a strong focus on narrative and the development of captivating universal characters, in addition to the founders’ long-term perspective and investment willingness, Plushie Guardians meets the necessary conditions to expand the universe beyond web3 gaming and diversify, reaching different segments and platforms. Products already in development range from mobile and console games with premium and freemium models for casual to competitive gamers, to media content like movies, animated series, HQs and books, and also physical products like toys, plush, board games, clothes and merchandise in general, all of them targeted at web2 audiences.

Web2 sales return to the community treasure fueling the web3 ecosystem. For the first time, the GameFi economy would not be dependent on new entrants, becoming as profitable as the IP. That way, gamers may become investors that take part in their beloved franchise growth, a new form of relation in the game industry made possible by the web3 space and blockchain technology.

About the Company/Project:

Plushie Guardians is an innovative and creative company that aims to revolutionize the digital gaming industry with its namesake project. Players participate in an exciting adventure to protect children and their beloved plush toys in this expansive, narrative universe. With a focus on the GameFi model, Plushie Guardians is committed to offering an engaging and sustainable gaming experience, leveraging the power of web3 and NFT technology.

The company’s vision is to create a constantly growing ecosystem of games and entertainment, bringing together the best of web2 and web3. Plushie Guardians’ mission is to develop high-quality games and thematic content that attract players worldwide, offering opportunities to get value while having fun in a sustainable long-term environment.

The company firmly believes in the following values:

1. Autonomy: Players should be the true owners of their game assets, with total freedom to control and trade these goods.

2. Gaming as Production: The GameFi logic should be viable, transforming games into productive activities that combine fun and generating value.

3. Sustainability: The company strives to overcome the dependency on new players, creating a long-term design that ensures the project’s sustainability.

4. Accessibility: Plushie Guardians seeks to offer different degrees of interaction for web2 and web3 users.

5. Project First: All capital will be invested in the project and its products, pursuing long-term sustainability.

6. Growth First: The team and founders will realize profits only at the long-term success of the intellectual property.

The Plushie Guardians Community:

The company believes in the power of community and strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for fans and players of the project. Community members can connect, share ideas, receive support, and discuss the project’s future through communication channels such as Discord and social media. Plushie OG’ owners are encouraged to be active voices in how to invest the community treasure in the web2 projects, being part of a collectively built franchise.


In other to reach such ambitious goals, the company joined forces with partners like Dumativa and Meme Games studios, both developers of popular and acclaimed games, bringing also the DLT specialists from BBChain to bridge web2 and web3, while the economists and Cointelegraph’s columnists Christian Gazzetta and Thiago Moreira ensure the math behind the idea.

The Plushie Guardians project represents an innovative and revolutionary approach to the GameFi model, focusing on creating a rich and expandable universe and a sustainable long-term economy. With the sale of exclusive NFTs and the promise of a bright future for the franchise, this is a great opportunity for players and investors who wish to participate in a pioneering project in the web3 space.

The project minting date is May 18th, 2023.

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