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MiSon Protocol is make money or “get rich”

From DeFi Summer in 2021 to Real Yield in 2023, the posture of outrageous wealth changes again, the logic of outrageous wealth remains the same.

Today let’s rant about how to avoid the trap of riches and seize the miracle of riches in 2023.

When it comes to get rich, the first thing that comes to mind is a project with 80% monthly and 1000% annualization, so the probability of getting rich is big?

I think very big, not the usual big, if the project can really stick to 6 months, stick to 1 year, from the rich you are not far away.

But the problem is, there are a few around and do monthly doubling, the real money investment law is time, return and risk, the three can not be missing.

Once the narrative era, relying on high returns + short cycle to attract funds, and this type of project, are not surviving a bull and bear, the replacement rate of 100%

You want people’s interest, they want your principal

All numbers are delusional until the principal is in the bag.

You think this time this monthlyized 80% project can play for 3 months, you plan to leave the market 1 month in advance to be safer, only to find out that the project died in 20 days

You want to double it every month, you take the risk of losing your principal at .

High risky,high rewarding,its gambling, believe me, when 90% of people want to leave 1 month early, the background data in the hands of the project, you are the clear card, you definitely not as fast as the project.

Putting aside the returns, you’ve already lost in terms of time.

It takes time to really create stable income

Potential coins all take time to sink in, and order flow happens every day.

The potential coin we are talking about today is a board token that is bound to explode in the bull market, because this board is the easiest for the peripheral whites to enter. I dare not say 100 times for this coin, but I can basically conclude that it can outperform ethereum and break through to new all-time highs.

If you want to play order flow arbitrage, small platforms do not go, because the platform has no money, the bull market will not be large. deFi can simply and crudely think of them as a money plate, money plate model is the easiest to get outside the circle of users, so DeFi class projects, in the bull market will certainly shine, because the exchange to pull new.

However, compared to DeFi, MiSon can bring in many out-of-the-loop users much faster and easier.

Today, we’ll take a look at MiSon

MiSon, 30% annualized return without loss

MiSon is a very good money maker and a very stable financial tool.

DeFi track on the star coins, YFI and Aave, where YFI has an all-time high price of 598,800 and a total market cap of 1.82 billion as of today

Our MiSon protocol token SON, as the first AI AI + insurance mint compensation protocol deflationary token in the DeFi track minimum target must outperform ethereum

Comrades, MiSon has gained the attention of the global community since IDO, without a single fake powder, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey is in full swing offline conference held

Hundredfold coins are constantly mined, just like mining! And you can’t support Hundredfold Coin without the product side.

We need to revisit the concept of “time for space”, without the concept of “time for space”, you can not get rich from the project.

I give you the simplest logic to get rich, on two points, 1. good fundamentals 2. good liquidity

The two models for generating revenue on the product side of the MiSon protocol fit perfectly with these two points:

1) Lending Agreement Liquidity Liquidity Arbitrage 

2) DEX+AI order flow arbitrage

MiSon Lending Liquidity Arbitrage is a MiSon smart contract arbitrage component that automatically captures arbitrage opportunities for a 30%+ combined gain without loss through decentralized lending protocols such as Aave, Compound, etc.

Remember one thing: speculate on the new not the old, speculate on the hot not the cold! DeFi track has experienced highs, and similar narrative potential coins, can be touched.

From the bull market space, YFI has allowed small capital retail investors to achieve wealth freedom, want to achieve a wealthy, you can only find the next YFI upgrade.

The wealth code has been announced and it is MiSon. get on board early and may you earn millions soon!

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