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DFINITY Foundation and Dacade Launch the First Internet Computer Typescript Course to Onboard Thousands of Web2 Developers

Zurich, Switzerland, 10th Jul 2023 – The DFINITY Foundation, a not-for-profit science and technology organization and major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain, and Dacade, a gamified, peer-to-peer learning platform, have launched the first Internet Computer: TypeScript Smart Contract 101 course. The course was developed in close cooperation with Demergent Labs, a Web3 open-source infrastructure company.

The course targets developers familiar with TypeScipt programming language and Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment, popular with traditional Web2 software developers. The goal of the course is to bring Web2 developers to Web3 and lower the barrier of entry to the Internet Computer (ICP) ecosystem, opening up new avenues for onboarding thousands of software developers.

“This is vital for the Internet Computer and web3 adoption in general. According to the latest Electric Capital report, there are 23,343 active monthly developers in Web3. The bear market has likely decreased this number too. TypeScript alone has more than 83,000 developers. That’s why we strongly believe that solutions like Azle and courses like this are key to opening Web3 floodgates to Web2 adoption”, says Emilio Canessa, Head of Global Communities at the DFINITY Foundation.

Based on TypeScript, Azle is a Canister Developer Kit (ICP smart contracts  are called canisters) that helps TypeScript and JavaScript developers to write next generation smart contracts on the Internet Computer network using their favorite JavaScirpt or TypeScirpt tools and libraries. Besides Azle, Demergent Labs is also developing similar solutions for using GraphQL, Python and other popular web2 programming languages for developing on the Internet Computer.

“We are excited to collaborate with the DFINITY Foundation on the Internet Computer: TypeScript Smart Contract 101 course. The Internet Computer’s scalability and its deep interoperability with other leading blockchains set the stage for exciting developer journeys. At Dacade, we believe in the power of active learning, which encourages participants to apply their knowledge in tangible ways. Our partnership with DFINITY paves the way for developers to transition smoothly from theory to creating actual projects, thereby sparking innovation and expanding the web3 developer ecosystem”, added Moritz Stellmacher, Founder of Dacade.

Dacade’s approach and experience in the high-quality gamified peer-to-peer developer education will also help to attract more developers and increase the efficiency of the course. Within the initial week of launching the course, 15 projects were already created and peer-reviewed. By the end of the month, this number is to exceed 40.

The self-paced, permissionless nature of the TypeScript course ensures access to quality content for all those willing to build on the Internet Computer.

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