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CEO Recovers from Loss of Love, Failed Relationship

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, 20th May 2023, King NewsWireLosing a loved one, whether due to death or a failed relationship, can be a devastating experience. When that loved one is also a key player in your business or professional life, it can make the recovery even more challenging. That was the case for Ron Timmons, CEO of Indiana-based Media One Marketing Group, who faced such a situation. A lifelong student of life, here are the steps he took to move forward.

Ron had been in a committed relationship with his partner, Sara Scott. (Facebook & LinkedIn) They met organically online through social media and the dynamic quickly developed into a friendship. Over several months they had exchanged messages daily.

Then one fateful day Ron needed a business referral. Sara responded and they started a phone conversation lasting three hours. From there, they met in person, dated and a true love blossomed.

In romantic conversations, it was clear that Sara wanted Ron to marry her. So as it was, Ron decided to propose to Sara. The couple had started a YouTube channel (TeamSaraAndRon). He planned a romantic evening right before Valentine’s Day at an event center with a live band and Nashville country singer Hubie Ashcroft performing.

He proceeded to get down on one knee, asking her to be his wife. Check out the video here. Sara was over the moon and agreed. They both felt their lives were complete and started planning their future together. They discussed building a new home, getting a lake house and expanding their business ventures together.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. Sara had a change of heart and decided to call off the wedding without any explanation. He noticed in the last month of their relationship that she seemed cold or distant. Ron knew something was wrong. But as a business person with a business mindset, Ron believed he could fix whatever was wrong.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. After a short walk together, Sara gave Ron their engagement ring back and said it wouldn’t work. There was no real explanation. Ron was devastated. He needed an explanation. How would he fix what’s wrong if he doesn’t know why? How was he going to move forward without some type of closure?

Ron was heartbroken, but he also knew that he had to focus on his business. He took some time off to process his emotions and then threw himself back into his work. He surrounded himself with his team and delegated tasks to keep the business running smoothly. He also reached out to his professional network for support and guidance.

Ron realized that he had to focus on what he could control, which was his business. He developed a new business plan and set achievable goals. He focused on expanding his company and building it into something bigger and better. He also began to see the silver lining in his situation. Without the emotional and financial commitment of a wedding, he had more time and resources to invest in his business.

As time passed, Ron began to feel like himself again. He accepted that his relationship with Sara was over and started to move on. It was emotionally draining but he kept his on focus on other priorities, including taking care of himself. He met new people and built new relationships, both personally and professionally. He hasn’t found new love again. However, that that’s OK. This time, he’s much more cautious and wants to take things slower. He’s learned from his past experiences and will sure his personal life doesn’t interfere with his business again.

“I have people who depend on us here at Media One — clients, media companies, business partners and business interests,” says Ron. “It’s not just myself when it comes to business.”

Ron also made note that being public with relationships can not only harm your brand, its reputation and but also jeopardize the relationship itself. Ron learned first-hand that posting about a relationship on social media can lead to unwanted attention and scrutiny from others. Also, sharing details publically can invite unwanted inquiries from interested parties towards your partner.

“It isn’t anything like before social media,” says Ron. “People are keyboard warriors and they want to send damaging messages to intervene in your relationship. Some of the content sent through these platforms is eye-opening, to say the least.”

Secondly, social media is a public platform that can be accessed by anyone, including potential employers or future partners. Posting about a relationship that has not been fully vetted or is not considered socially acceptable can have long-lasting effects on a person’s reputation and future opportunities. Oversharing online can be damaging to both the relationship and the individuals involved. Disclosing intimate details about a relationship on social media channels can lead to feelings of betrayal and compromise the trust essential to any healthy relationship.

In conclusion, Ron’s story is a reminder that gut-wrenching setbacks can happen to anyone, but how we handle them matters. Ron focused on what he could control, which was his business. He also learned from his past mistakes and ensured his personal life didn’t interfere with his professional affairs again. By doing so, he can move forward and find happiness within himself again.

Ron says he’s optimistic about finding that true love out there because he knows it exists. Finding a balance between work and personal life will make or break a relationship.

“It’s a two-way street,” says Ron. “Give and take but most importantly, give. Give lots of love, and encouragement — and keep your personal relationship quiet and off social media. The wolves are always howling at the front door.”

Ron still wishes the best for Sara and has grown from this experience. For business inquiries, Ron can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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