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Onewiex Held a Grand Asian Conference with Partners in Hong Kong on May 20th, 2023

Canada, 24th May 2023, King NewsWireAn exhilarating showcase of prowess and innovation was on full display at the investment company Onewiex’s conference held in Hong Kong, the world’s stellar tech epicenter. The broadcast of this landmark event via the company’s official YouTube channel drew thousands of viewers from around the globe, while more than 300 individuals experienced the grandeur of this momentous occasion in person.

Onsite, before a captivated and diverse audience, the company’s charismatic CEO, Oliver Wilson, and the development director, Max Katzler, delivered riveting speeches. Sharing the stage with them were regional leaders, predominantly from China, Korea, and Saudi Arabia – regions renowned for their enduring market influence.

The conference provided an immensely beneficial platform for the industry’s leaders to exchange thoughts and opinions. The chance to meet face-to-face helped reinforce trust, affirm a shared vision, and solidify solidarity in the pursuit of introducing innovative solutions to the world of finance.

With his usual vigor, Mr. Wilson expressed his “heartfelt appreciation for your presence and unwavering loyalty to our company.” He proudly highlighted that Onewiex has successfully obtained international certifications and licenses in various countries across the globe, a breakthrough that paves the way for the company’s vigorous growth in new markets.

Subsequently, Wilson transitioned into the company’s futuristic idea, underscoring the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. “Blockchain technology confers security, transparency, and efficiency upon transactions and information exchange,” he explained, adding that “collectively, we possess the capacity to become the architects of the future.”

In his address, Wilson emphasized the paramount importance of financial decisions in people’s lives, demonstrating a profound understanding of their crucial impact. “We are dedicated to making this process as transparent, efficient, and convenient as possible for our clients,” he asserted, underlining Onewiex’s unwavering goal to simplify and optimize interactions in the financial world for every participant.

In contrast to Wilson, Max Katzler, in his role as the Development Director, delved into the specifics of the company’s plans. He pointed out that Onewiex has already made its mark in different corners of the globe, including Canada, Latin America, Europe, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia, and that it now “operates legally in as many as 90 countries worldwide.”

Katzler also mentioned the company’s plans to open over 50 new offices in different countries around the world, including Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and Latin America, in the coming months. Following contemporary trends, the company is actively integrating AI, and Katzler confirmed that they “will explore and adopt blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and other innovative technologies to ensure high efficiency and security in our operations, as well as offer new possibilities for our clients.”

Furthermore, he revealed plans to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Following the formal portion of the conference, in an atmosphere of openness and respect, top leaders spent time with Oliver Wilson, posing pressing questions, seeking clarifications, and discussing strategies. This open and direct dialogue affirmed the transparency and accessibility of the company’s leadership, serving as a key factor in bolstering trust among partners.

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