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The New Super Airdrop Ft. BGB As Top Gainer Of 2022-23

Victoria, Seychelles, 2nd June 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Super Airdrop Campaign, offering participants an exclusive opportunity to earn exciting rewards and the remarkable BGB tokens. Following the overwhelming success and support received in previous campaigns, Bitget is grateful for the continued enthusiasm and invites users to join this extraordinary event. With the Super Airdrop Campaign, participants can look forward to unparalleled rewards and the chance to benefit from the exceptional growth potential of BGB, the top gainer of 2022-23.

Join us in the highly anticipated Super Airdrop Campaign, where you have the exclusive opportunity to earn exciting rewards and the wonderful BGB tokens.

Introduction of BGB Token

What’s a BGB Token?

BGB is Bitget’s native token. By holding BGB, investors can benefit from the growth and expansion of Bitget as well as exclusive events designed solely for BGB diamond hands. BGB is designed to be simple, multifunctional and, most importantly, accessible to everyone.

Benefits of holding BGB

BGB holders are the first in line to have access to IEOs, staking rewards, lottery prizes, discounts on transaction fees, future trading rewards, and free withdrawals. They can also take part in the VIP Program, GroupCoin, Vote-To-List, and Copy Trade to receive additional rewards.

Is there anything else to get when holding BGB? BGB Staking! Stake BGB and get gas-free withdrawals on multiple cryptocurrencies here.

The BGB Stories

On July 26, 2021, BGB made its debut at the price of US$0.1064 per token and on May 16, 2023, the price soared to US$0.4713 as reported by CoinMarketCap.

One year after the launch date, BGB demonstrated tremendous growth while other coins were showing signs of decline after the Terra-Luna Crash. Bitget hit a yearly high of US$0.2176 on October 20, 2022, surpassing the previous high of US$0.200031 in September, with the new resistance levels being set at US$0.17 and US$0.18. That was a significant price increase, especially considering the market state following the LUNA case.

The crypto industry is showing signs of recovery since the new year 2023. Bitcoin and Ethereum picked up momentum and crossed the US$30,000 and US$2,000 mark, respectively. However, BGB, the new low cap gem, has successfully outperformed the two biggest cryptocurrencies with a dramatic growth to its new all-time high on February 16, 2023.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The current growth of BGB is a strong foundation for a sustainable future. From the previous highs of US$0.18 – US$0.20, BGB price skyrocketed to US$0.26 on Feb 09, then to US$0.38 on Feb 12, US$0.41 on Feb 15 and eventually to US$0.543 on February 16. That put BGB in the leading place with an increase of 120% in its price.

Source: TokenInsight

Read the official BGB Whitepaper to get a deep knowledge about BGB’s long-term performance, a necessity in your crypto journey:

Meet BGB Token – The key to unlock various benefits on Bitget

BGB Updated White Paper Reveals Plan For New Utilities And Burn Mechanism

Why is BGB your best choice?

BGB is seen as a new crypto blue-chip because BGB itself is of great value.

BGB is a strict requirement to get tickets on Bitget Launchpad and thereby secure the opportunity to invest in high-quality projects at an early stage. Staking BGB, on the other hand, allows you to earn qualified project tokens for free – all you need is the Bitget Launchpool.

Moreover, traders can get a direct 20% discount on transaction fees if they choose BGB for payment, together with an offer on GroupCoin when buying mainstream tokens. For Copy Trade elite traders, simply hold BGB and you’ll be able to share up to a 10% commission of your followers’ profits.

Stay tuned for even more lucrative earning opportunities with BGB!

May is BGB Super Airdrop Month

Super Airdrop is the campaign that allows BGB holders to receive airdrops of any new crypto asset listed on Bitget without having to register. All you have to do is hold at least 4,000 BGB tokens for 15 consecutive days before the airdrop registration period to be eligible.

You can check the information of How does Bitget calculate your average BGB holding?

The campaign will be launched on May 23, 2023. For this campaign, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our BGB supporters can all grab a share of the most trendy tokens out there, as well as even more BGB! It’s time to discover and engage with the best of innovative projects and ecosystems!

Bitget Super Airdrop: Share, Deposit, and Referral, Win Big from 80,000 BGB!

Not only that. In April, Bitget launched the BGB Lottery: Users who successfully participate in the BGB PowerLotto can share a daily prize pool!

Get ready to embark on another thrilling adventure with us. Mark your calendar, spread the word, and prepare for an extraordinary Super Airdrop Campaign.

About Bitget

Bitget, established in 2018, is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange with a core focus on copy trading. Serving over 8 million users in more than 100 countries and regions, the exchange is committed to helping users trade smarter by providing a secure, one-stop trading solution. It also inspires individuals to embrace crypto through collaborations with credible partners, including legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi, the leading Italian football team Juventus, and official eSports events organizer PGL.

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