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Expert Angler Drew Perkins from Goshen, Indiana, Shares the State’s Best Rivers and Creeks for Trout Fishing

New York, US, 1st July 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Goshen Indiana may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of trout fishing, but the state is home to several remarkable rivers and creeks that offer exciting opportunities for trout enthusiasts. These hidden gems provide a unique and peaceful fishing experience away from the crowded hotspots. Expert angler Drew Perkins from Goshen shares his insights into the best trout streams in Indiana that will captivate any angler’s heart.

Little Elkhart River

Nestled in Elkhart County, the Little Elkhart River stands out as one of Indiana’s premier trout streams. With miles of pristine fishing water, this river attracts anglers from far and wide. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regularly stocks around 3,000 rainbow trout every spring, creating a thrilling season opener on the last Saturday in April. The Little Elkhart River offers a variety of baits that make catching the hatchery-raised fish a breeze.

Solomon Creek

Just a stone’s throw away from the Little Elkhart River lies Solomon Creek, another hidden gem located in Elkhart County. Although it receives fewer visitors compared to its neighboring river, Solomon Creek still offers excellent trout fishing experiences. The Indiana DNR stocks approximately 1,000 rainbow trout each April, ensuring a vibrant start to the season. This tranquil and intimate stream provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful trout fishing excursion.

Brookville Tailwater

Situated near the Ohio state line in East-Central Indiana, the Brookville Tailwater offers some of the finest trout fishing opportunities in the state. Spanning two miles from the spillway to the East Fork’s confluence with the West Fork Whitewater River, this stretch of water delivers a consistently rewarding trout fishery. 

The DNR releases approximately 1,500 rainbow trout into this section every fall, with occasional stockings of brown trout in select years.

Pigeon River

Meandering through the northeastern corner of Indiana, the Pigeon River boasts captivating spring trout fishing prospects within a pristine and wild environment. As the most heavily stocked trout river in Indiana, the Pigeon River presents an angler’s paradise. 

Each April, the DNR releases approximately 9,000 rainbow trout between the Steuben and LaGrange County portions of the river, ensuring an exciting season opener.

Big Blue River

Flowing through Eastern Indiana for over 80 miles, the Big Blue River offers numerous fishing opportunities along its course. In a small portion within Henry County, specifically within Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area, the Big Blue River is joined by the Little Blue, creating an excellent trout fishing spot. Each April, the DNR stocks at least 1,000 rainbow trout in this area, providing a short but exhilarating trout season.

Drew Perkins highlights the unique features and fishing techniques for each of these trout fishing destinations in Indiana. From the picturesque stretches of the Little Elkhart River and the peaceful solitude of Solomon Creek to the year-round allure of the Brookville Tailwater and the wild beauty of the Pigeon River, Indiana offers diverse and surprising fishing opportunities. Don’t overlook the trout potential of the Big Blue River as well.

So grab your gear and immerse yourself in the tranquility and excitement of trout fishing in Goshen, Indiana, and beyond. Explore these unique destinations recommended by expert Drew Perkins, and discover the hidden treasures of Indiana’s rivers and creeks.

About Drew Perkins

Drew Perkins is an expert angler from Goshen, Indiana, with extensive experience in trout fishing. With a passion for exploring Indiana’s rivers and creeks, he has gained in-depth knowledge about the best fishing spots and techniques in the state.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Fast Amplify journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.