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Tier 99 Announces Upcoming Whitelist Sale and Unveils Plans for an eSports Metaverse to NFT and traditional players.

Next-gen NFT-Gaming Pioneer, Tier 99, Presents the Innovative Tierverse Platform and Whitelist Sale With Over 500 Spots Already Taken By Users

Spain, 4th Jul 2023, King NewsWire

Tier 99, a next-generation blockchain project founded in 2022, is gearing up for its much-awaited whitelist sale for its limited-edition Genesis Orbs NFTs in Q3 of 2023. With more than 500 spots already filled, the excitement around the project continues to build, marking this as one of the most anticipated NFT sales in the gaming space.

Built and beginning on the Polygon Chain, Tierverse offers users an unprecedented gaming experience that combines P2E and F2P mechanics with fast-paced combats. The metaverse catalog is prepared to allow games developed by Tier99 and by third companies to benefit of all Tierverse mechanics. Their first game, the Tier World Survival Edition, is already in the development phase, and users can even get a taste of it through the web-based demo version. Gamers can compete against nine other players in PVE mode using StableCoins and earn up to 500% returns in hard, challenging mode, with ROIs available up to the eighth position, and prizes for 9th and 10th with token T99 release at IDO at Q3 2023.

At the heart of Tier 99 lies its commitment to traditional and NFT videogames inclusion. As a pioneering project that seeks to merge the worlds of conventional gaming ecosystems with NFT games, Tier 99’s mission is to create an eSports metaverse that empowers everyone to play, create, earn and join into Tierverse Clan to increase and share all earnings across community. By offering blockchain-related functionalities within a deep videogame metaverse dubbed “Tierverse,” Tier 99 aims to become a global leader in eSports NFT competitions for retail, entertainment, rewards, and community experiences.

As part of their upcoming whitelist sale, the IGO for Genesis Orbs Pods will equip users with distinct functionalities offerings unique benefits to holders, such as advanced attributes and exclusive features within Tierverse’s game catalog.

The platform will release only 3,875 Orb Pods as NFTs during its upcoming IGO event. These Orbs offer versatile gameplay advantages such as additional lives, slots, and fragments across various games developed by Tier 99 and third-party companies.

Genesis Orbs provides individuals with attributes necessary to store T-NFTs (transversal NFTs) while allowing users to manage their TUSD (Tierverse’s digital stablecoin) for games. On the other hand, OG Orb holders can enjoy MAXIMUM attributes and premium features that offer a competitive edge in Tierverse’s game catalog.

NFT staking becomes available for all Tier99 NFT holders, providing them with CPI earnings and governance rights. Additionally, in an innovative approach toward decentralization, every Orb NFT owner will have voting rights in Tierverse. OG Orb NFT owners wield double the voting power, enabling them to impact critical decisions and contribute to the growth of this rapidly-expanding ecosystem.

The vision for Tier 99 extends beyond just being an eSports metaverse – it aims to revolutionize the traditional gaming space by introducing new opportunities for active and passive income and catering to the needs of community-focused players. The Tierverse platform connects development companies in a centralized hub, providing them access to valuable finance, gaming, NFTs, and e-commerce tools. Their detailed whitepaper explains the whole mechanics of this ecosystem in great detail.

With their innovative solutions, Tier 99 is set to onboarding businesses to the NFT economy more efficiently while simplifying tech solutions that have historically excluded a vast majority of users. Gamers can look forward to playing their favorite games within Tierverse using T-NFTs that offer unparalleled functionality and usability.

As excitement continues to build around the upcoming whitelist Genesis Orbs sale, Tier 99 is poised to change the face of the gaming industry as we know it. This is an opportunity not to be missed: join the revolution today and experience competitive eSports like never before. Those interested can keep up with the rapid advancements of this project and what lies ahead by following the Tier 99 roadmap.

For more information on Tier 99 and their upcoming whitelist sale, visit their website at or follow them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and Telegram.

About Tier 99

Tier 99 is a pioneering blockchain project founded in 2022 that seeks to combine traditional gaming ecosystems with NFT games. By empowering individuals to play, create, and earn within an eSports metaverse called “Tierverse,” Tier 99 aims to become a global leader in eSports NFT competitions for retail, entertainment, rewards, and community experiences. Offering unique functionalities such as Genesis Orbs and T-NFTs,  Heroes, items, equipment, etc. Tier 99 is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry for players worldwide.

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