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Introducing Prince Pepe: A Revolutionary NFT Project Transforming the Metaverse Experience Through Royalty and Feudalism

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United States, 10th Jul 2023, King NewsWireVibrant Labs, a pioneering company in the world of blockchain technology, is proud to announce its debut venture, Prince Pepe. This innovative NFT project introduces a captivating metaverse game that immerses players in a realm of royalty and feudalism.

At the heart of Prince Pepe lies the concept of transformation, where participants embark on a journey resembling the timeless tale of the Frog Prince. Every user who mints a frog will receive a complimentary lily pad plot at a predetermined but certain community agreed date, serving as a tokenized representation of their heroic act. Inspired by the enchantment of turning a frog into a prince through a kiss, this gesture symbolizes the potential for grandeur and rewards within the game.

While the initial lily pad plots are bestowed upon frog minters, additional lily pads will be available for minting, enabling those who missed the opportunity to obtain a frog to still engage in the metaverse. These lily pad land plots form the foundation for an immersive feudalistic experience within the game, offering players a taste of royalty and the chance to partake in a dynamic system of governance.

In addition to the enchanting gameplay, Prince Pepe introduces Non-Fungible Talismans (NFTs) as a core component of the game. These talismans, symbolized by ten distinct forms such as triangles, stars, moons, and more, will adorn the crowns of the Prince Pepe characters. Each NFT talisman will hold a specific value and purpose within the game, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the overall experience.

Prince Pepe’s distinguishing feature lies in the adornment worn by the in-game characters. Each Prince Pepe dons a unique talisman symbol on their crown, showcasing their status and granting access to a later disclosed advantage in gameplay. Every Pepe frog prince will have one of ten talismans thus making him the owner of the Non Fungible Talismans; the original NFT. With ten distinctive talisman designs, including a triangle, star, moon, and more, players will possess an array of powerful artifacts to wield within the game. These NFT talismans will unlock exclusive abilities, augmenting the gameplay experience and adding an element of strategic depth.

As the project evolves, Vibrant Labs intends to collaborate with talented game designers to further refine the game’s mechanics and expand on the immersive universe of Prince Pepe. The company remains committed to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience that combines the charm of a fairy tale with the excitement of a metaverse adventure.

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About Vibrant Labs

Vibrant Labs is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge blockchain technology company based in the United States. Committed and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. With a passion for creating immersive experiences pushing the boundaries and creating groundbreaking projects that leverage the potential of blockchain and NFTs to revolutionize various industries. Vibrant Labs as a company, strives to revolutionize the metaverse gaming landscape by introducing innovative concepts and engaging gameplay.

Since Vibrant labs main website is under development and in its final phase to fruition, please, refer all enquiries to the official mail ( and for more information to stay updated on all the latest developments and announcements,  visit the official web link at or follow us on Twitter at (@PrincePepeNFT) to join our vibrant community and engage in lively discussions with fellow enthusiasts on Prince Pepe and stay updated on the latest developments.


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