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Bundy Foxx’s Debut Album Has Everyone Talking

A detailed summary of Bundy Foxx’s debut album release and current endeavors.

United States, 13th Jul 2023, King NewsWireSatisfying a long wait, Bundy Foxx recently announced the release of her very first full album entitled “I Don’t Trust You”. The project has been heavily anticipated by R&B listeners since its first mention back in early 2022. Foxx, having produced and mixed the full body of work herself, released audio of the album on her instagram page along with other content providing details about the drop. “I’m feeling the emotions right now, for sure,” she revealed to an interviewer, “I’m excited for everyone to hear what I did and nervous cause no one else touched the album. It was all me and God.”

The released audio teaser had fans wanting more of two specific songs on the project: “Oughta Know” and “Nowadays”. Although the clips are less than 30 seconds long, her deep and warm tone being woven into her detailed beats and crafted into an enhanced version of the Bundy Foxx melodies we all love, was enough to turn a large number of people into new Foxx Den members. @DaReelAG commented, “The level this album is on is what the music world is missing.” That viewpoint seems to be consistent with her long-time listeners and something her new fans are surely learning. “All of them are dope you got your own style and it’s tight,” @mobrown48 commented under the audio teaser. You can find the official sign up for a membership on her website, along with the “I Don’t Trust You” track-list and audio teaser, exclusive information and photos, games like “Two Truths And A Lie” and a Trivia on her discography, which yields a prize of a free verse hook or beat by Foxx herself. Talk about engagement!

“I was listening to the Take Care Vinyl and just got crazy inspired by that poem at the end of Headlines,” she goes on to say, “I’m like alright I’m about to make this album my diary. It’s wild cause I actually had like 6 or 7 records done already, recorded and mixed at the studio by my guy. Some were singles I had already released during the year. But something spoke to me, I was like ‘nah’. Scrapped it all and did the album in like a few weeks. I needed it all to come from the same place and time.” The debut album features 15 tracks of various tempos. As announced by well-known influencers like Southside Jake, Lukas O’Neil and Todrick Hall in Foxx’s recent post, “I Dont Trust You” is set to release on August 4th, 2023. However, the pre-sale begins July 14th, at which time “Nowadays” will be available for full listening.

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