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Kingzion, The Illustrious Entrepreneur Launches His Chain Of Businesses – Giantshed Real Estate Firm And Kingzion Forex, Targeting Low Income Earners.

Nigeria, 25th Jul 2023, King NewsWire Illustrious entrepreneur- Ananighie Sylvester Shedrach, popularly known as Kingzion was born on April 12 1992, in Okene kogi state. He hails from Auchi, Edo state and is the 7th born in a family of 9. He loves God and has a strong Christian background.

In his words ” I have experienced firsthand hunger and knows what it means to lack.”

Ananighie has seen the worse days in his quest for business success in a terrain like Nigeria, where the odds are stacked against you. And this has been his driving force and inspiration to be successful and be in the position to also help the poor.

There is a popular saying, ‘the best person to seek advice from before embarking on a journey is someone who has walked the path or someone who is still on that trip but has covered a significant distance.’

Kingzion has paid his dues and earned the right to be a business and finance mentor. He is a highly successful Forex Trader and accomplished Finance Coach.

Asides Forex, he owns a registered Real Estate Company- The GIANTSHED Real Estate firm. It started in year 2019 during the covid lockdown period, buying raw lands, refurbishing and reselling them to prospects. Also, a farm where they plant different crops, cassava, yam, pepper, rice, tomatoes, orange, cocoa etc. This real estate business is targeted at individuals who want to buy lands and also those who need a commercial property.

He likewise has a Lubricant store which started in 2015, where they sell motor oil in wholesale. They have big stores in Akure, Auchi and Lagos state.

Kingzion also has a crypto investment where they help investors who are trying to invest and grow funds, choose the stock they can buy to help them leverage and grow their money in 3 to 6 months. This stock indices and crypto projects help prospects to buy long-term investments and he started this business in 2021.

His philosophy of life is to simply help the poor. Help those who have no food, no shelter, no clothing, help them. As a young boy, he would tell his mother that one of his dreams in life is to open a very big restaurant where people can go in and eat for free irrespective of where they come from. He would rather use money to help the needy than pop bottles of expensive wines in the club, reason why he wants to venture into politics to clean the Eco space, show good leadership, help a lot of people, the local church, the poor as he knows firsthand hunger and has been there before.

His passion to help many people as possible get out of poverty, birth his Charity Organization.

Kingzion knows that poverty and malnourished children is a problem in this part of the world, hence, doing his bit to help children out of poverty. He has a charity Where they help the motherless and fatherless children. Help provide food for orphans on a monthly basis. 10 children are currently on scholarship from primary level to tertiary level. His aim is to help them go to school and get the right education and better future.

His vision is to venture into politics in the future, he isn’t desperate to rule but wants to redefine what it means to be a leader, feed the poor, help people who can’t get justice and have been unlawfully arrested, make life easier and better for people.

His Ultimate goal and burden for years is to help the poor get a better life.

Kingzion is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria, when we talk about the most lucrative real estate companies,  Giantshed will be listed, with his other businesses thriving, giving job opportunities to the old and young and the hard work he puts into his work is opening doors of opportunities for him in high places, both in Nigeria and beyond the shores.



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