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Bluebird Solar Launches D2C Website

Bluebird Solar goes direct-to-consumer with new website launch, offering easy access to sustainable solar solutions.

Delhi, Delhi, India, 3rd Aug 2023 – Bluebird’s solar panel firm in India is dedicated to offering their clients the most excellent quality goods and services to maximise their advantage. They are well-versed in all elements of solar panels and have a 40-year reputation as the Bluebird Group. Their solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are perfect for residential and commercial roof-top solar power plants and various off-grid and on-grid applications. They also support India’s Green Energy Initiative, the National Solar Mission, through product innovation and efficient solar energy solutions.

The Significance Of Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Platforms In Reaching Out To Customers

Bluebird’s D2C is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce strategy. The solar panel have total control over developing, marketing and selling low-cost, high-performance, and next-generation solar panels directly to customers via digital channels.

The solar panel company in India are responsible for packaging and marketing. They can no longer influence sales, create customer connections, or gather data once a product is handed to a store. While Bluebird, the solar panel maker, may invest extensively in advertising in D2C, the retailer ultimately displays the product to consumers.


Bluebird Solar is India’s leading Solar PV Module manufacturer and is backed by the Bluebird Stabilizers Trust, which has existed for the past 40 years. Their certified sun PV panels are listed using the BIS and ALMM, making them ideal for residential and industrial solar electricity plants. Furthermore, they’re appropriate for various off-grid and on-grid solar applications. Bluebird Solar Panel locations an excessive emphasis on consumer satisfaction and comfort. This is why they also offer Direct-to-Consumer D2C services, which enable customers to have their solar panels delivered directly to their premises with a single click.

Direct-to-consumer (or D2C) businesses simultaneously make and ship their gadgets to clients, bypassing conventional stores and other intermediaries. This allows D2C sun panel organisations in India to promote their merchandise at lower charges than established client brands whilst retaining complete control over the advertising, marketing, and distribution of sun panels.

The online buying and promoting manner through Bluebird solar panels have turned out to be an indispensable part of the lives of many individuals. Online stores, for example, in D2C mode, enable clients to buy goods and services from the benefit in their homes without the need for the intervention of an income consultant. Online marketplaces offer a novel and convenient platform for exchanging virtually any type of solar panel. Online sales of solar panel company in India have become famous for businesses and customers due to their cost-effectiveness and convenience.


Bluebird Solar works to revolutionise power generation and reduce carbon emissions by providing cost-effective solar power solutions to its customers. They are assisting them in converting solar energy into electric energy most effectively through our dependable solar PV modules and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) solutions. By demonstrating advanced technology, expertise and application flexibility, They are creating new paradigms for renewable energy.

Bluebird delivers intelligent solar panel solutions by combining a complete understanding of customer requirements and our knowledge, backed by a 40-year-old brand reputation with a remarkable track record, significant experience, and exceptional product performance. Commit to high-quality products using high-grade Tier-1 raw materials to manufacture our Solar PV modules. R&D, in-house testing facilities, and stringent quality control (QC) ensure that products function to the highest standards.

A typical retailer business strategy involves manufacturers/producers >> wholesalers >> distributors >> retailers >> and eventually customers. However, the direct-to-consumer e-commerce model actually “cuts out” the middlemen. Since the introduction of Internet buying, retail has undergone rapid change. Customers are increasingly buying online and going direct to the source.



Bluebird Solar provides world-class polycrystalline solar panels that are precision-built using high-quality raw materials to provide you with high-quality solar photovoltaic panels for your house or large-scale solar projects. Polycrystalline solar panels are more environmentally friendly because polycrystalline solar cells are manufactured in a less wasteful manner. As a result, they are more cost-effective for the consumer. Roof-mounted arrays are ideal. Big solar farms use them to harness the sun’s power at a low cost and deliver electricity to surrounding communities.
PV Modules are cost-effective solutions for the production of electricity through the use of sunlight. A PV module comprises a series of silicon crystals or joined grains to form a single solar cell.


Bluebird Solar provides world-class monocrystalline solar panels designed with next-generation PERC cell technology, which offers higher performance than ordinary PV modules. Light capture at the back surface is improved by the PERC design. A dielectric layer on the back side of a mono PERC solar panel cell reflects sunlight to the cell, which would otherwise pass through the cell without releasing an electron. This allows the photon to create more electrons, increasing electric current and efficiency.

Mono PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) sun panels are photovoltaic modules. This is designed to boom the efficiency of traditional monocrystalline sun cells. They’re an exquisite preference for those seeking to put money into sun energy, as they offer extra power production, advanced sturdiness, and a longer lifespan than a traditional monocrystalline solar panel.


With the rising call for excessive performance and extra powerful sun panels, Bluebird Solar decided to introduce Half-reduce generation-based solar panels to its product portfolio. In a half-cut era, the sun panel is broken into two halves to let the top and backside portions function as two separate panels, producing sufficient energy even supposing one 1/2 gets shaded.



Customers who buy solar panels in India directly from Bluebird benefit from lower prices, complete information, and a deeper understanding of the brand. Moreover, more than half of consumers prefer to browse D2C brand websites over store websites because they provide more detailed information and advice.

Customers prefer personalised solutions and services that can be received without leaving their homes. Bluebird’s popularity grew as a result of its D2C offerings. D2C businesses are customer-centric. Therefore, Bluebird provides its clients with customised solutions and discounts on solar panels. To give a complete customer experience to its consumers, most organisations focus on content customisation, digital solutions, loyalty programs, quality enhancement, product modification, and more.


Bluebird seeks to satisfy energy needs by providing cost-effective solar solutions with high transparency and reliability to promote sustainability through solar power. The company is committed to delivering superior quality products that are green and sustainable, intending to delight customers and foster growth in our nation. This solar panel company in India remain dedicated to its consumer-centred and ethical values by offering the highest quality products and services with trust and transparency.


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Bluebird Sun has solarised various homes, groups and establishments. Having hooked up sun rooftop initiatives at many locations in India, they propose to serve different places worldwide. They have successfully installed extra than 60MW of solar strength initiatives pan India, and above 35MW of sun rooftop projects are under execution.

Their gift network includes numerous Project Developers and System Integrators throughout India, alongside a separate retail & distribution channel throughout North India. Bluebird Solar intends to increase their operations to PAN India using year-end with committed utility and service help for the duration of our network. They have 1500+ glad channel companions pan India and 25000+ satisfied clients worldwide. With the help of our channel partners, the solar panel company in India has been capable of supplying more than 60MW of solar PV modules globally.


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