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SLG Announces Rebranding as It Enters an Exciting New Chapter of Growth and Expansion

Singapore, 2nd November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, SLG is pleased to announce its rebranding as it enters an exciting new chapter of growth and expansion. Originated as a Blockchain simulated game set in the post-apocalypse era, SLG intends to extend its reach and become one of the leading web3 gaming platforms. With the introduction of new business lines, the launch of highly anticipated games, the revamp of the official website and the announcement of a recent $5 million investment from multiple institutional investors, SLG is set to redefine the gaming industry and embrace the upcoming opportunities.

Extended Business Lines

Building upon its expertise in simulated games, SLG is venturing into the creation of a web3 gaming hub that offers an array of exciting features and opportunities for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.
At the core of this new business line lies the concept of an aggregated web3 gaming portal. This portal will serve as a one-stop destination, bringing together various web3 games under a single platform. This not only simplifies the gaming experience for users but also allows them to explore a diverse range of games from different developers all in one place. SLG aims to curate a selection of high-quality indie games, attracting both casual players and hardcore gamers who are interested in the web3 space.
Alongside the aggregated gaming portal, SLG will be introducing a universal NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace will offer a wide variety of assets from different games, including characters, gears, mystery boxes, and skins. This marketplace will provide a safe and user-friendly environment for creators and collectors to engage with the NFT ecosystem.
To further support the growth of the web3 gaming industry, SLG’s new business line also have an NFT launchpad. This launchpad will provide a platform for game developers to mint and launch their NFTs effortlessly. It will enable developers to showcase their projects, gain exposure within the web3 gaming community, and raise funds for their ventures. By facilitating the launch of NFTs, SLG aims to foster innovation and creativity within the gaming space and empower developers to monetize their creations effectively. SLG’s new business line represents a natural progression for the company as it embraces the opportunities presented by blockchain technology and the web3 ecosystem. With its aggregated web3 gaming portal, universal NFT marketplace, and NFT launchpad, SLG is poised to become a prominent player in the evolving world of web3 gaming. As the demand for immersive gaming experiences and digital collectibles continues to soar, SLG aims to be at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of gaming.

Introduction of a New Web3 Casual Game – $$Dango^3 $$

The second part of the rebranding process, is the launch of a brand new Web3 Casual Game named $$Dango^3 $$.
$$Dango^3 $$ is designed to revolutionize the casual gaming market, offering players an immersive and entertaining gameplay while also opening up new opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts. By leveraging the power of web3 technology, Dango enables players to truly own their in-game assets, granting them the freedom to trade, sell, or even create unique items through decentralized marketplaces. This innovative approach not only enhances the players’ gaming experience but also empowers them with real ownership and the chance to earn real-world value from their gaming endeavors.
$$Dango^3 $$ is a Fruit Crush style casual game that involves matching, swiping, and crushing various characters on the game board. The objective of the game is to clear as many characters as possible by matching three or more identical ones in a row or a column.
What sets $$Dango^3 $$ apart from traditional web-based games is its utilization of blockchain technology, which introduces a new level of transparency, security, and authenticity to the gaming ecosystem. By employing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), players can collect and trade unique in-game items, characters, and accessories, each with its own rarity and value, during the gaming process. In combination of using decentralized exchanges, players can easily swap their in game earnings and potentially get their first slice of BTC through gaming.
As part of SLG’s commitment to accessibility and mass adoption, $$Dango^3 $$ is designed to be compatible across various web platforms and devices. Whether on a desktop computer or a smartphone, players can seamlessly connect to the game and enjoy the captivating world of $$Dango^3 $$.
With $$Dango^3 $$, SLG aims to redefine the casual gaming landscape by offering a game that combines the best of both worlds, –the captivating gameplay and the possibilities of web3 technology.

Renovation of existing official website

The branding process can not be skipped with a revamp of the existing SLG official website. With its commitment to innovation and expansion, SLG has decided to reflect its new business lines through a refreshed online platform. This exciting development aims to provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of SLG’s diverse offerings, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. With an updated and visually appealing interface, the revamped website will showcase SLG’s latest ventures, including new partnerships, product launches, and enhanced user communication channels. The SLG team also decided to re-design its logo to better reflect a more adventurous future. Stay tuned for an immersive digital journey that truly embodies SLG’s transformative vision and dedication to excellence.

Raised $5 Million in a Recent Investment

In keeping up the pace with the technical upgrades, SLG has also recently received a round investment. The team raised $5 million from a series of web3 institutional investors led by SCI.VC. More details on the recent funding will be released shortly after. This infusion of funds signifies a significant milestone for SLG as it prepares to embark on an exciting rebranding journey. The investment will be instrumental in fueling the development and enhancement of the recently rebranded SLG title, positioning itself for a more promising and opportunistic future. With this newfound financial support, SLG is poised to solidify its position as a pioneering force in the industry.
SLG’s rebranding marks an exciting new chapter of growth and expansion for the company. With the introduction of extended business lines including an aggregated web3 gaming portal, a universal NFT marketplace, and an NFT launchpad, SLG aims to redefine the gaming industry and embrace the opportunities presented by blockchain technology. As the demand for immersive gaming experiences and digital collectibles continues to soar, SLG is positioned to become a prominent player in the evolving world of web3 gaming. Additionally, the launch of the new web3 casual game, Dango^3, signifies SLG’s commitment to revolutionizing the casual gaming market and empowering players with real ownership and the chance to earn real-world value from their gaming endeavors. The renovation of the existing official website and the recent $5 million investment further solidifies SLG’s position as a pioneering force in the industry. With its transformative vision and dedication to excellence, SLG is ready to shape the future of gaming.

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